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In 2014, Fireman's Fund returned to San Francisco with a bang in this modern office space. The design was a nod to our historic past (and history of insuring San Francisco) with a modern twist, taking reclaimed items and giving them new life.


The wood used in this office was reclaimed from the Melvin Belli building at 722 Montgomery Street in San Francisco, circa 1850. Located only a few blocks from the original Fireman’s Fund headquarters. We selected this wood as a symbolic reference to our own connection with San Francisco’s rich history. Our heritage serves as a testament to our longevity and commitment to protecting the future for our clients.


These fire hoses were once used to save lives and property. They now serve as a tribute to fire departments across America. The piece was created by LauraLe Wunsch, a local artisan and owner of Oxgut Hose Co. Fireman’s Fund proudly awards grants to fire departments for training and equipment, including replacing worn hoses.


The chairs in the lobby are also from Oxgut and created out of reclaimed fire hoses.

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